5 Symptoms Of Depression You May Not Recognize

While there are many common signs of depression, some may be hard to spot. We all know that those who have depression are more likely to feel sad, lonely, or isolated. If you or someone you love might have depression, we want to help you consider all of the signs.

Below we’ve rounded up some other signs and symptoms of depression that may not be as obvious.

Alternative Signs Of Depression

  1. Experiencing bodily pain and discomfort. Not only can the symptoms of depression affect your mind, but your physical body as well. You may find yourself experiencing stomach pain, headaches, and other areas of chronic pain.
  1. People with depression may lose their ability to focus. If you find that you can no longer focus on work projects or other activities like you used to, this could be related to your depression.
  1. Masking your pain with false emotions of joy and happiness. In order to try to feel more normal or hide your pain, it is common to have a fake it till you make it mentality. However, if you ignore the larger problems that you are experiencing you may find yourself having a negative emotional outburst at some point.
  1. Feeling constantly fatigued is also another hidden symptom of depression. While everyone gets tired, to be feeling completely drained and exhausted everyday may be the sign something else is going on. It is best to talk to your primary doctor if you start to suspect something is up.
  1. A sudden loss or gain of weight. It is common that we all deal with emotional pain and depression in different ways. Some may start overeating, while others may no longer be interested in food, which can cause a change in weight.

Do You Think You Might Have Hidden Depression?

If you are now suspecting that you or someone you love is suffering from depression, our team here at Reboot is here to help. We have many innovative treatment methods that can help you start to find joy in your life again. To learn more about our services, click here.