Cindy has been my therapist and guide through an intense journey that has included neurofeedback, EMDR and talk therapy. Her intelligent and compassionate support helped me to survive several devastating losses. Neurofeedback is such a simple process but has been amazingly effective in almost eliminating my crippling anxiety and ADD symptoms, and EMDR is the most powerful therapy I know of to resolve deep emotions such as grief. Through it all, Cindy has been a steady source of wisdom and comfort. I can’t ever thank her enough for all the help she has given me and continues to give me.


I am a registered nurse and got fed up with all the doctors increasing medicines without any positive results. I stumbled upon neurofeedback and devoured the medical literature. I did my research and started it with my 7 year old son. We had to try a few different types/settings but the results are amazing and neurofeedback has accomplished something western medicine has been unable to do. I have my son back and no longer in a pharmaceutical fog. We are medication free and ready to enjoy everything and anything that comes our way!


I was depressed since I was in 9th grade, I’m a Freshman in college now, attempted suicide multiple times and couldn’t wake up without my first thought being that I wanted to die. I happened to move to Tampa, I happened to find a great therapist that referred me to Reboot, and I finally get to be happy. I was worried about this way of helping with depression that I had never heard of, but my parents were desperate and so was I, you have to want it. And if you want it, neurofeedback could be the answer for you. They got rid of most of my depression in a way I didn’t think was possible.

As for EMDR, I got a great therapist named Cindy Citron who helped me connect dots about my trauma-ridden past so that I could start living in the present. It was the best thing I did for myself and I can’t thank Cindy or neurofeedback enough for allowing me to finally live my life.


I would highly recommend this type of therapy and especially Cindy. She’s amazing! My son was diagnosed with Aspergers and PTSD. He suffered with debilitating anxiety and panic attacks. Unfortunately, the medications prescribed for him weren’t working. My son was having a hard time living with the meltdowns. The attacks were intensifying by the month. He wasn’t able to handle them. He begged me to find some kind of treatment to ease the pain and anxiety he was suffering with. I started doing some research on Treatments that would help anxiety and PTSD and came across Neurofeedback for anxiety and EMDR for PTSD. I was desperate. I discussed it with my son and he agreed to take the treatments. What a relief. The treatments worked. My son underwent 30 treatments. It took a lot of hard work, time and energy, but it was worth it.

I must say. The success of the treatments are due to Cindy Citron. Cindy is knowledgeable, on target with the treatments, caring and patient. I don’t know if my son would have completed the treatments if it wasn’t for Cindy. If you aren’t having any success with medications or would rather not take medications. I would highly recommend these treatments. My son has his life back and is happy again.


After trying many therapies with varying degrees of success, I still felt there was a missing piece. Something was still holding back from believing in my potential.
I heard about EMDR therapy and contacted Cindy Citron. Cindy was warm, welcoming and made me feel completely at ease. I like the fact that the therapy uses state-of-art brain science to “trick” my conscious brain and get to my subconscious. Within 2 visits I felt a shift in my thinking and things that triggered me before didn’t bother me as much.


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