What is Brain Mapping?

Brain mapping is called a QEEG, which stands for Quantitative Electroencephalogram. Put simply, an electrical recording is done by attaching sensors to the scalp and the raw EEG (brain data) is converted into brain maps. Brain Maps allow the client to see what areas are dysregulated in the brain, and when correlated with current symptoms, which areas of the brain are trainable using neurofeedback.

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is biofeedback using your own brain waves as a learning tool. The client receives visual (games) and auditory (music or tones) feedback as to whether they are producing the correct brainwave patterns that reduce symptoms. Neurofeedback corrects the underlying issues in brain patterns often reducing or eliminating the need for medication.

Is improvement guaranteed?

While improvement cannot be guaranteed, due to the many variables involved in transformation and healing, we are highly confident in the benefits of neurofeedback and research supports it’s efficacy.

What is the FDA status of Neurofeedback?

While neurofeedback has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for stress reduction, the use of this device for treatment of medical conditions is still considered experimental. The extent to which any benefits will be obtained or will be long-lasting is not 100% proven; however, numerous research articles supporting its effectiveness are available on this website under the Research Tab. As many of you know, our medical system endorses drugs and surgery more than any other modality, which plays a role in what is approved by the FDA.

Neurofeedback often produces very beneficial and lasting changes; however, there are cases where damage to the brain is such that remediation may not be possible, or there may be partial improvement. We generally expect a positive response within the first 15 sessions, if there is to be one. In the majority of cases where there is improvement in function, the client monitors their progress and continues training as long as it is perceived to be of benefit. While there are often improvements in the first few sessions, neurofeedback training usually requires 20-30 sessions with a small number of clients desiring follow up “tune up” sessions, as needed.

Will neurofeedback affect my medication use and dosages?

In many cases, client medications are reduced or eliminated as the brain begins to function better.

What conditions can be treated with neurofeedback?

Most brain based conditions can be improved using neurofeedback. Please see some of the many protocols that can be trained under the Conditions Treated tab.

What does a typical session of neurofeedback include?

Sensors are attached to the scalp to read brain activity during the session…there is no electrical input involved only a reading. After the sensors are attached and a 3-minute baseline recording is done, brain data is run through the software program to determine which areas of the brain need training based on the client’s symptoms. The visual game and audio feedback then begin and the client watches the screen, stays very relaxed and attempts to produce game movement and sound. The software gives the client feedback as to whether their brain patterns are helpful to their condition by starting and stopping the visual and audio accordingly. Over time, the brain learns what it needs to do to reduce or eradicate symptoms.

What are the limitations and risks of neurofeedback?

It is important to understand that a neurofeedback assessment is NOT the same as a “clinical EEG” which is used in medical diagnosis to evaluate epilepsy or to determine if there is serious brain pathology, such as a tumor. The neurofeedback computer records the manner in which a particular person’s brain waves function. It is not designed for and I do not use it to diagnose medical conditions.

Neurofeedback is a non-invasive, safe procedure, and no electrical current is put into the brain.

In terms of the neurofeedback training itself, only rarely have any side effects been reported. Occasionally, someone may feel tired, spacey or experience a mild headache. Many of these feelings pass within a short time following training sessions and after the first few sessions, as your brain adjusts to the work. Some clients may feel an increased need to sleep during the first few weeks of training. This can be due to a variety of factors, but in general is considered to be normal and a sign that the brain is normalizing between sessions.

Do you accept insurance?

I do not accept insurance at this time. I would be happy to provide you with the necessary informational codes to file with your insurance carrier; however, I cannot promise that you will be reimbursed. It will be your responsibility to check directly with your company about its policies. Payment is due at time of service.

What other Services are offered?

Since we at Reboot understand that our clients functioning is a result of environment, genetics, biology and conditioning, for those clients that need help with their psychology, we also address any underlying beliefs that may prevent the highest functioning using a specialized form of counseling called EMDR.

What is EMDR?

EMDR is a unique, science based process of changing beliefs about the self, as it relates to what “happened” or “happens” in a person’s life. Heavy, negative beliefs about the self that are running in the background interfere with positive choices and functioning in the lives of many. EMDR helps clients change these beliefs that are self-limiting so that they can reach their goals and potential. Another capability of EMDR is learning to have full confidence in a future event of your choice, by pairing it with a positive belief and processing the event in advance. This process is extremely helpful for fear of flying, an expected confrontation, asking for a raise, public speaking and other fears about future events.

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