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Cynthia Citron



Reboot is a unique brain health company, specializing in Neurofeedback* and a therapy called EMDR**. What we do is help correct limiting beliefs and brain patterns, so that our clients can undo the effects of the past, to more easily reach their goals and live a better life.

All we want to do each day is to help those who come to our office learn who they truly are and to help them let go of the negative beliefs and false stories that define them. It is, without a doubt, the owner Cynthia’s purpose here. Whether it’s a busy schedule pulling you in 100 different directions, a new management position, a challenge that has you stuck, you or a loved one having AD/HD, Depression, BiPolar, Anxiety, OCD or other brain based challenge, we can help make life easier.

Your brain functioning and what you believe about yourself dictate your behavior and choices. It’s what you don’t know, you don’t know, that holds you back.

We work with your underlying belief system, which is what drives you; we will not be focusing solely on rearranging daily thoughts, we will work at your foundation. Technology meets mental health at Reboot.

Cynthia is Board Certified in Neurofeedback, and uses current technology based on neuroscience, to address underlying conditions that keep you stuck, which then gives you access to being your most powerful self. She is also EMDR level II trained, which means you get to the bullseye of your issues, typically causing dramatic changes in perception and results in your life, within just a few months.

Neurofeedback and EMDR are individually and in combination, powerful therapies addressing brain based disorders from the inside out. When the brain is trained to be more efficient, client progress is much more rapid and long lasting.

It’s a reboot, a do over, a renewal. Perceptions and choices instantly change, when beliefs about yourself are changed by you. In addition Neurofeedback helps change the neuronal patterns that keep you stuck.


Is a method of training your brain to improve its functioning through brain games.


Is a unique, science based process of changing what you believe about yourself, as it relates to what “happened” or “happens” to you in your life. It can also be used to process current stressors for immediate relief and known future stressors, such as flying in an airplane or giving a presentation.

We look forward to working with you to help you learn who you truly are, by helping you let go of past events and negative beliefs, that have up to this point, been falsely defining you and to correct underlying brain dysregulations.


  • L.M.H.C
  • Board Certified in Neurofeedback
  • Certified Rehabilitation Counselor
  • M.B.A.
  • Member of EMDRIA and EMDR Institute (associations that govern EMDR Therapy)

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