Alternatives to Talk Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, otherwise known as talk therapy, is the most common method used by therapists to treat a variety of mental health conditions. Talk therapy focuses on identifying the negative thought patterns and bringing awareness to them in order to learn coping mechanisms to prevent them from occurring. Many people seeking treatment from therapists are unaware of the alternatives to talk therapy. 

While not as widely practiced, there are several alternatives to talk therapy that may be just as useful to clients. Reboot, a unique brain health company, offers alternatives to talk therapy including Neurofeedback, Brain Mapping, and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Therapy. These three tools are used by therapists across the United States to treat patients and their conditions All three are used to treat various mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, and many more.

Brain mapping involves the placement of probes on the patient’s scalp that measure brain wave activity. Once a map is made of brain activity under certain conditions it is then compared to brain maps of neurotypical, or conventionally functioning, brains. Once run through a computer program that tells the therapist which parts of the brain could use training, the therapist may begin Neurofeedback. Neurofeedback takes the data from the brain waves and, while the patient is still connected to electrodes, begins testing how they respond to visual and auditory stimuli. The computer program promotes and encourages positive brain activity. Most Neurofeedback programs last 20 to 30 weeks with a single training session per week.

EMDR Therapy typically involves a therapist moving their fingers or hand in front of a patient’s face, asking them to follow the hand movements with their eyes while recalling a specific memory and emotion. Most of the research done with EMDR Therapy notes its effectiveness when being used to treat Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

If looking for an alternative to talk therapy in Tampa, Florida consider Reboot. Cynthia Citron is board certified in Neurofeedback and aims to help clients achieve a more powerful and aware version of themself.