Anxiety And The “Fight, Flight, Or Freeze” Response

Most of us have probably already determined if we are prone more to fight, flight, or freeze when it comes to life’s stressful situations. If you suffer from an anxiety disorder, you might find yourself gravitating to one more than another, or a mixture depending on the specific situation. Below we are going to let you know why your body reacts in each of these ways in high-stress situations.

The Fighter

The fighter will often begin to feel their blood pumping and their hearts racing during times of anxiety. You might also feel like your body is shaky and full of pent up energy. When you come into an anxiety inducing situation, that energy has to go somewhere.

All of these bodily responses combined are what will cause you to respond in “fight” mode. People who choose this type of release are often more confrontational than others. It is important to remember that while airing out your feelings is healthy, you need to make sure you don’t resort to solving your problems in a physical manner.

Flight Mode

When a person enters what we call flight mode, he or she wants to put as much space between them and the anxiety causing situation as possible. In some instances this can be a safe way to give yourself an out. However, if you find yourself resorting into flight mode too often, you can prevent yourself from learning how to resolve non-serious conflicts.

Freeze Frame

If you find yourself completely freezing up when you are anxious, this means that your body is fighting internally about what to do about the situation. You find yourself unable to fight, as well as unable to leave the situation. This reaction can happen when your brain shuts down from the situation as a protection method.

People who freeze often disassociate themselves from everything around them during times of great anxiety. If you find yourself freezing up there are a few ways to come back to reality. A few of these would include taking a walk, listening to music, and even breathing in a strong smell.

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