BiPolar Therapy Services Tampa

Bipolar Disorder is a serious mental health disorder in which the person most notably suffers from intense mood swings. The individual diagnosed with bipolar disorder feels extreme bursts of energy as well as sudden rushes of sleepiness. At times the bipolar person may be overcome with euphoria, or struggle with depression. Reboot’s therapy services effectively combat symptoms associated with this debilitating disorder and many more. 

The euphoria that a bipolar person might experience, could come in the form of unrealistic confidence. In some cases, the person affected by the symptoms may perceive this emotional high as a positive; in reality, the sensation they feel is a symptom of a serious issue. The feelings related to this false sense of confidence, may cause the person to appear manic in nature. The person having this emotional high may also experience symptoms such as:

  • Increased sex drive 
  • Dangerous impulses 
  • Hyperactive tendencies 
  • Spikes in energy
  • Agitation 

Depression is most commonly experienced on the opposite side of the bipolar spectrum. When the bipolar person reaches the depressive low, they can lose interest in activities found in their daily routine. They become easily tired or frustrated and begin to let simple tasks slip through the cracks. Someone witnessing a person in a bipolar low may notice the individual become disorganized. Their appetite, mood, and interest in social activity could also be affected. Symptoms of a bipolar low may include:

  • Fluctuations in weight
  • Lack of energy
  • Loss of interest 
  • Thoughts of suicide 
  • Excessive crying or “shutting down”

Bipolar disorder can take many forms and have several categorizations that make it difficult to diagnose except by a trained professional. If you or someone you know is suffering from Bipolar disorder symptoms, reach out to the professionals at Reboot. We offer comprehensive brain mapping and neurofeedback therapy. 

Reboot’s brain mapping/QEEG takes a noninvasive approach to selecting targeted protocols best suited for our patients. For more information on long-lasting results, contact us today.