Brain Mapping Services

Brain mapping, more formally known as QEEG therapy, is at the forefront of modern-day mental health treatment and research. This non-invasive process opens windows into the mind that were once undiscoverable. With this incredibly insightful technology, mental health professionals are able to pinpoint areas of cognitive dissonance and maladaptive learning to correct behaviors at their source.

What is Brain Mapping?

Brain mapping is the process of measuring brain wave activity and using quantitative data to form diagnoses. These diagnoses often lead to the formation of targeted neurofeedback therapies to treat psychological disorders. The process is very simple and does not involve electrical impulses or invasive procedures of any kind.

Brain mapping involved attaching sensors on the head with a nontoxic paste. Then, your QEEG professional will perform an eyes-open and eyes-closed reading. This reading is similar to a thermometer taking your temperature. It records and displays information without doing anything to the brain or body itself. These readings are then compared to what is considered “normal” brain activity, based on an FDA database of healthy brain scans.

By comparing your brain map to a “normal” brain map, your therapist can pinpoint areas of concern in your mental development. This tool helps the therapist detect areas of the brain that are not functioning properly. Parts of your brain may be over or understimulated, leading to maladaptive behaviors that are difficult to treat with traditional therapies.

QEEG brain mapping also helps to understand where areas of your brain may have a hard time “connecting” to each other. Communication between different areas of the brain is essential to proper mental and emotional function. Coherence gives your brain the ability to perform complex tasks and follow difficult patterns of thought, which can be damaged and lead to mental or emotional setbacks. With brain mapping, the therapist can provide targeted treatments that solve issues fast.

How Is Brain Mapping Beneficial?

Once a brain mapping scan has been completed, your therapist can develop targeted neurofeedback treatments to correct areas of dysfunction and help improve your symptoms. This treatment is considered more targeted than traditional talk and neurotherapy because the mental health professional has a clear picture of the area of the brain which needs correction.

With brain mapping technology, you and your therapist can see long-lasting results faster. This noninvasive and technologically-enhanced method of therapy will soon become the leader in treatment for ADD/ADHD, Autism Spectrum disorder, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and many others.

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