Mental Health Tips for Coping With COVID-19

As we continue to deal with yet another month of COVID-19 related news, it is important to pay special attention to your mental health. It is also a good idea to remember that everyone will react to a pandemic differently. Those who already have mental health conditions or even underlying physical health issues, may have a more difficult time during this stressful season that we are in.

Our team here at Reboot wants to help you keep your mental health in great shape during this scary situation. With many of us still stuck at home, it can be hard to know where to turn. Below we have shared a few ways to destress and keep your mind off of these kinds of overwhelming situations.

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Ways To Stay Healthy During A Pandemic

  1. It is important to keep in mind the guidelines in place for your specific city. If you prepare yourself, there is that much less to worry about when you do leave your house.
  2. If you believe you may have the virus, go to your local testing center. Oftentimes waiting something out can be very anxiety inducing. The sooner you know, the faster you can get help.
  3. If you have a therapist, see if they are accepting online or socially distanced appointments. Depending on your location, you should still have a few appointment options or treatment resources made available to you.
  4. Don’t watch the news 24/7. While it is great to stay informed, it’s best to have breaks from news and media to keep from becoming overwhelmed.
  5. Keep in contact with your family and friends. One of the worst feelings this virus can bring about is isolation. Remind yourself that you are not alone and that this too will pass. 
  6. Find ways to get active outside. While you may find yourself wanting to still stay distant from others, you can still find time to enjoy a little fresh air at a park or nature trail.

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