OCD Therapy Services Tampa

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a serious anxiety disorder distinguished by neurotic behavior, compulsions, and obsessions over ideas and routines created by the individual. A person suffering from OCD is consumed by overwhelming thoughts of repetition and obligation. The most common association with OCD is the need for excessive hand washing and organization in one’s living space. In most cases, the individual will undergo this intense process of cleansing and organizing to ensure that there is no trace of germs, in an attempt to not infect themselves or anyone that they may come into contact with. There are also less pronounced, repetitive thought patterns and activities related to OCD that do not fit this stereotype, but are just as distressing. 

Reboot’s noninvasive neurofeedback therapy uses visual and auditory games to change brain patterns,  linked to the symptoms of OCD. At Reboot, neurofeedback can help retrain maladaptive brain patterns related to OCD, including:

  • Chronic hand washing 
  • Repetitive behavior
  • Apprehension
  • Lavish hoarding 
  • Organization fixations

Many people suffering from OCD find it necessary to keep everything organized and symmetric. In extreme cases of OCD, people have dominating urges to make sure everything in there home has a specific place, sometimes down to the inch. Those who are well acquainted with this disorder will notice any variance in their aesthetic. Some may even go as far as to make sure every surface is spotless and sanitized. But for some, the obsession could go farther than that. As they mature into adulthood, they could become hyper-aware of potential threats. This could be more prevalent once said individual has children. The extreme vigilance they have obtained has now been extended to the safety of their child.

The obsessions compelled by OCD takes the person affected completely out of control of the situation that they’re fixated on. This causes additional anxiety, depression, and many other critical mental health disorders. OCD is a serious mental health disorder and should be treated as such. Reboot offers service options, such as neurotherapy, that retrain the brain to make appropriate adjustments to situations that typically have adverse effects on those with OCD. 

As opposed to conventional talk therapies and psychiatric medications, Reboot’s noninvasive neurofeedback services make therapy effective and enjoyable. With the modern therapies at Reboot, your therapist will walk you through each step to ensure you are mentally and emotionally safe throughout your treatment. If you or someone you know understands the struggles of OCD and other anxiety disorders, call today to begin the comprehensive treatment you deserve.    

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