What Causes General and Social Anxiety?

Living with general or social anxiety can cause you to have extra stress and discomfort during certain situations. Some of the most common symptoms include,but are not limited to: stomach pain and nausea, sweating, shaking, and even heart palpitations. So, what exactly causes a person to suffer from anxiety? Below you will find a few examples.

Causes Of Anxiety Disorders


There are many areas of your life that can contribute to the development of an anxiety disorder. Some of these factors may be genetic, but they can also derive from the following: bodily chemicals, and environmental elements.


Some studies have concluded that anxiety and mental illness run in families. However, this is not a certain fact. Just because your parents or grandparents have dealt with extreme anxiety in their lifetime, it does not mean that you will.


Another area of your overall health, the chemicals of your brain, can greatly influence how you function is anxiety producing situations. If any of the different chemicals in your brain are too low or high, it can really affect how you function socially. Here at Reboot, we have many services that can help you work through your anxiety healing journey.


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As mentioned earlier, environmental factors have occasionally been shown to influence anxiety in certain individuals. If you live in a more gloomy area, it may cause you to feel the need to stay inside and away from people more than you already do. If you need help with overcoming your anxiety, give our team a call today.