What is Brain Mapping?

Brain mapping is another term for a QEEG (or Quantitative Electroencephalogram). During brain mapping, sensors are placed on the patient’s scalp that record brain activity by measuring electrical signals in the brain. Once the patient’s brain waves have been measured, they are compared to the brain maps of neurotypical, or conventionally functioning, brains. This is done to see where a patient’s brain may need training if one or more parts are not functioning at the ideal level. Brain mapping is often done before a patient receives Neurofeedback training. Training is done on the brain to break negative thought patterns and encourage proper brain activity. Brain mapping can be used to see what the brain waves are doing when experiencing symptoms from mental health-related issues.

Brain mapping is one of the many services offered at Reboot, a unique brain health company located in Tampa, Florida. Cynthia Citron of Reboot is board certified in Neurofeedback and aims to help clients reach a more powerful and aware version of themselves. Along with brain mapping, Reboot also offers services such as Neurofeedback, EMDR therapy, and talk therapy (also known as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.) All of the above are useful tools used to treat a multitude of mental health issues including depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, and more. Therapy is also useful for people that are experiencing stressful situations in life and need to learn healthy coping mechanisms.

If searching for a provider of Brain Mapping services in Tampa, Florida, Reboot is happy to help. Whether you have a curious mind or a genuine concern about brain activity, our brain mapping services will provide insight as to what you may be experiencing. While brain mapping is not used to diagnose illnesses, it can be used to point towards areas of the brain in need of training.