How EMDR Changes Self-Perception And Self-Awareness

You may be wondering, what exactly is EMDR therapy? In simple terms it stands for eye movement desensitization and reprocessing. This type of therapy is utilized to change the beliefs that you have about yourself due to past or current experiences

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Does EMDR Really Work?

One of the benefits of using this technique for emotional healing is that you can notice changes quicker. Because similar experiences get stored together in the brain, often working on the worst ones causes the others to fall away. EMDR has been shown to efficiently help people recover from deep emotional trauma that typically takes years with other methods. The key to using this therapy is to target your negative beliefs that block you from true healing.

Typically, traumatic events that have happened in your past can still affect how you view yourself and respond to the world even if intellectually you think you have let it go. Emotions get stored in the body and need to be processed and released in order to change what you believe about yourself. This is where EMDR comes in and changes the game of emotional healing.

What Happens At An EMDR Session? 

During EMDR therapy, you will close your eyes and focus on a specific experience and the negative belief associated with it, while holding onto gentle vibration in each hand. This allows the entire memory network to be accessed, (emotions, sensations, thoughts, behaviors and related memories). Step by step, the experience is reprocessed, so the brain is finally able to change the meaning of what happened. By using this technique you can then begin to shift what you believe about yourself.

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