How To Prevent And Cope With Panic Attacks

Have you ever experienced a full-fledged, fear inducing, nerve wracking panic attack? In some instances people say it feels similar to what you’d expect from a heart attack. You may experience a rapid heart rate, sweating, and even notice trouble breathing.

While some may be used to these scary attacks, for others it may be their first. It’s important to learn how to handle these attacks when they begin to come on. For the safety of yourself and others around you.

Below are a few of our suggestions for remaining calm in a not so calm situation.

Ways To Stop A Panic Attack In Its Tracks

  1. Practice Calming Breathing Techniques: If you are in a public situation, you will want to try to remind yourself that you can conquer this attack, and it won’t last forever. Take some deep cleansing breaths and keep reminding yourself that you will be okay.
  1. Find Something Positive to Focus On: In a lot of life situations it is a great idea to think of your favorite place or even person. By redirecting your nervous thoughts you may be able to shorten or end your panic attack.
  1. Keep Yourself Active: If you are at home and feel yourself starting to feel a bit panicky, you could try an at home workout. There are plenty of online fitness platforms or even youtube videos if you need something guided. By moving your body you can start to get those endorphins flowing.
  1. Talk to Someone: Do you have a friend or a family member who you know will always answer your call? Find your person and have them talk you through what’s going on. Sometimes having someone there to remind you you’re not alone in this can help greatly.

Do You Need Help Recovering From A Panic Disorder?

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