How Your Brain Develops From Birth To Adulthood

When it comes to brain development, there are many important stages to go through over the course of your life. While many put a huge emphasis on childhood years, your brain still has a lot of growing to do in your adolescent and adult years. Below we’ve included some facts about the different stages of human brain development.

How Your Brain Forms Before Birth

As you probably already know, some of the most important parts of brain development begin while you are still in the womb. This is why it is so vital that those who are expecting make healthy lifestyle choices. During pregnancy, the initial formation of your brain and it’s neurons are being formed.

Early Childhood Brain Development

During the early childhood years, the brain will begin to form emotions, learn many new movements, as well as develop memory function. In this stage of life, because everything is so new and developing so quickly, it is important to be in a stable and healthy environment. This will promote the development of a healthy and well functioning brain.

How Does The Teen Brain Develop?

As a teen or young adult, the brain is still learning to rationalize and make wise decisions. This is why during this time of life you may feel more prone to emotional outbursts or have trouble with impulse control. This is yet another reason why it is important to have a stable and loving home to promote healthy emotions.

Changes In The Adult Brain

Your brain will often be at it’s best in your mid twenties to thirties. After this, you may find that certain memory or other functions may slowly begin to get harder. However, this is often somewhat preventable if you eat a healthy diet and maintain an active lifestyle. 

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