What Causes General and Social Anxiety?

Living with general or social anxiety can cause you to have extra stress and discomfort during certain situations. Some of the most common symptoms include,but are not limited to: stomach pain and nausea, sweating, shaking, and even heart palpitations. So, what exactly causes a person to suffer from anxiety? Below you will find a few examples. Causes Of Anxiety Disorders … Read More

Should I Go To A Therapist?

For a long time in the United States, going to therapy was considered taboo. For many years people whispered about the advice they had gotten from their therapist, and whispered only to close friends. In recent years, however, mental health has been thrust into the mainstream, and has seemingly become a more common topic of empathetic discussion. The question of … Read More

What Causes ADD and ADHD?

For years, there was an argument that ADD and ADHD were a product of bad parenting. Many believed that as long as your children were disciplined, they wouldn’t be so willing to misbehave. Research over recent years has continually pointed to a different answer. As more research is done, many health professionals are in agreement that ADD and ADHD are … Read More

The Difference Between PTSD And CPTSD

PTSD can be a very hard condition for any person to deal with. PTSD is an abbreviation for post-traumatic stress disorder and can happen when an individual experiences something extremely traumatic, like a natural disaster or a physical threat to one’s life. PTSD is very common in combat veterans, law enforcement officers, car accident survivors, or natural disaster survivors that … Read More

What Causes OCD?

OCD is an abbreviation of obsessive-compulsive disorder, and affects people of every age and walk of life. OCD is characterized by intrusive thoughts or obsessions, and compulsive actions related to those thoughts. Many times, the individual suffering from OCD is aware that their obsessive thoughts are irrational, but the feelings caused by these thoughts are too extreme to be ignored.  … Read More

How EMDR Differs From CBT Therapy

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) are two commonly used treatments for PTSD. Both are effective treatments, but they are very different in nature. However, the treatment that will give you the best results depends on the conditions, severity, and symptoms of your PTSD. Before talking with your therapist about treatment options, it’s best to have … Read More

Four Ways People With ADHD Think And Function Differently

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a disorder that affects children and adults alike in many different ways. It has gained attention in recent years, but is much more serious than many people realize. ADHD is more than a person’s inability to focus. It can affect their short-term memory, ability to listen and perform basic tasks, and in adulthood can … Read More

What Happens Inside Your Brain During A Panic Attack

Panic attacks may not be life-threatening, but they certainly feel like it in the moment. Your heart starts to race, you begin to have trouble breathing, and you feel as if you can’t escape the fear, even if there is nothing physically harming you. These episodes can ruin your day, and cause your general anxiety to worsen in some cases. … Read More

How Traumatic Events Change The Brain

There are some things that change your life forever. The days where everything seems normal and routine, until it isn’t. These days go by many names, but most of us call them trauma, and they can stick with us forever. For most individuals, trauma is a long-term condition, and it sometimes develops into post-traumatic stress disorder.  Whether it was a … Read More

Three Ways The Brain Affects Those With Depression

Depression is a mental illness that is still very hard to treat professionally. Not only is it caused by a myriad of experiences and chemical imbalances in the brain, but those who suffer from it often have trouble seeking treatment. They can struggle with having a lack of motivation, can have trouble maintaining full-time work (which leads to financial stress), … Read More